Bowman’s Orton-Gillingham “Plus” for Families

For decades, families have turned to Bowman’s Orton-Gillingham “Plus” to better understand and help children become confident, competent readers.

Families We Help

Bowman’s Orton-Gillingham “Plus” will support your child who struggles with reading and spelling even though:

  • You read to them at home
  • They try hard at school
  • They have dedicated teachers working with them
  • They understand if the text is read to them
  • They have strengths in other areas (math, science, building, arts, sports, technology)

How It Works

Bowman’s Orton-Gillingham “Plus” is an evidence-based training that will equip you to help your child and others with dyslexia become readers. Even if you are not an educator, you will find the training highly engaging and interactive.


You will learn the basics of structured literacy and have ample opportunity to practice the steps of Bowman’s Orton-Gillingham “Plus” lessons and strategies


You will work alongside others, learning games and multisensory techniques to keep lessons fun

Families who complete the training feel empowered and excited to begin helping their child.

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Let’s Get Started

Bowman's Orton-Gillingham "Plus", Fall 2024

A 60-hour virtual course combines the essentials of Orton-Gillingham with phonological awareness and reading fluency exercises based on recent research from the National Institutes of Health and the National Reading Panel. You receive everything needed to implement Bowman’s Orton-Gillingham “Plus” including:

  • Manual complete with 131 lesson plans
  • Scope and Sequence
  • Progress Monitoring Tool
  • Decoding Supplement
  • Stories for Fluency Practice
  • Multisensory materials kit

Schools and families consistently share how empowered and excited they feel implementing Bowman’s Orton-Gillingham “Plus”.

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